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Arcel is a tiny hot Angeles city bar girl who comes back for seconds with John - 6 min

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John Tron wanted to go over to Fields Avenue to do some hard partying with the beautiful bar girls at the clubs. In his first stop at a club called Dollhouse, he found a petite young 19 year older named Arcel. She was too cute to give away for the night, and wanted her all to himself. John took her to a short time hotel, as not to give away the location of his apartment. Once there, she was a bit sad. Arcel finally told John that she was be quiet because she had been bullied a bit by one of her co-workers in an arguement. The sex instantly cheered her up and took her mind off of the senseless arguement. It was better to have John's big dick inside her, instead of worrying about some petty fight. After some great sex, she showered up and then fell asleep. They woke up the next morning and filmed this scene. She was ready to take John's big cock again. She loves foreign men, the size of their dicks, and the money they give her at the end of a fun night out.

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