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Filipino PornAsian Sex Diary presents Maricel

Young Maricel is a Cebu prostitute picked up by a foreign sex pat - 6 min

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Asian Sex Diary Maricel

John is introduced to Maricel by a girl he had already met and fucked. John gives bonuses to these girls who bring their friends to have sex with the foreigner. It's his way of meeting lots of women, and getting sexy Filipina teens to come fuck him in his hotel room. Maricel is a bit shy, but like most young and dumb Pinays, she doesn't mind his big dick in her tight 18 year old pussy. John cums in her like the rest of the girls he fucks. She seems to not mind and makes her one and only porn debut at Asian Sex Diary.

Asian Sex Diary Jenny


Asian Sex Diary

Filipina Sex Diary

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Philippine Porn

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